Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
  • Bring snacks and beverages you may enjoy. (drinking water, ice, and a cooler is provided on the boat)
  • Bring your credit card, if you would like to use it at the fuel dock, and any restaurants or bars.
  • Bring enough cash to cover personal purchases, gratuity & fees.

***Non- aerosol sunscreen only! And no tanning oils either. The aerosol sunscreens ruin the boats surfaces, and oils make things slick.***

How many people can your boat take?
We can accommodate up to 24 guests within the 3 boats on the fleet.  The 26 footer can accommodate up to 6 passengers, and each 33 footer can accommodate up to 9 passengers per boat.  Large groups can call for special pricing and details.
What are the kinds of fish I will catch with Captain Cleve? When are the best times for fishing?
Inshore Fishing (around the outskirts of the USVI):  Captain Cleve specializes in catching yellowtail snappers, bonitos, barracudas, blue runners (locally known as hardnose), triggerfish, red hinds and all various types of Jacks.  Each type of fish can be caught year-round.  In terms of blue runners and yellowtails, the best time for fishing is all year-round, including two days before and two days after a full moon.  The day of a full moon is also best for fishing.
How many pounds of fish go to the customer? Do you clean and filet the fish?

Customers can receive up to 10 pounds of fish.  Your 10 pounds can be filleted or kept whole.
Captain Cleve provides this service for you.

Are there any fishing restrictions?
Because of restrictions set forth by law, Captain Cleve will neither fish for Nassau Groupers, nor fish in the Virgin Islands National Park.
Places to go for snorkeling, and what are the approximate travel times?
Places you can go for snorkeling include Lovango and Congo, which is about 10 minutes from the departure dock in St. John.  The Caves, Indians, Sandyspit, Newfound Bay are also incredible snorkeling sites, which are about 25 minutes from the departure dock.
Where do we meet?

St. John guests meet at the Port Authority Bulkhead Dock in Cruz Bay. Docking fee for the day use pass is $26 for the 26 footer and $33 for the 33 footer.

St. John guests can also be picked up from the beach next to the ferry terminal. You will need to get into the water to get onboard at this location. National Park Visitors Center Courtesy Dock is temporarily closed.

Alternative pickup time and location(s) available upon request.

We do have pickups available for our St. Thomas guests.

Pickups can be done at a marina of your choice or a beach of your choice once it’s safely accessible for our boats.

*All guests are responsible for any docking or marina fees

What is customary gratuity?

Generally around 20%.

What are some suggested places to eat & drink?

Some of the best places to eat include:

  • LimeOut
  • Pizza Pi
  • Lovango Beach Club Resort
  • Sunset Grille
  • Dinghy’s Beach Bar

Just to name a few…

Where are the Customs check-in points and approximately how much are the fees?

There are three major check-in points in the British Virgin Islands:

  • Great Harbor in Jost Van Dyke
  • Soper’s Hole in Tortola
  • Spanish Town in Virgin Gorda

Check-in fees are approximately $75 (USD) per person as cash is BEST.

How much is the fuel cost?

Fuel cost depends on the amount of fuel used for the trip by the current rate per gallon:   26 footer boat 20-45 gallons    33 footers 20-70 gallons:  Fuel rate at $7.60 per gallon.  Fuel costs are payable by credit card or cash at the fuel dock.

What are your payment methods and cancellation policy?
Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Travelers Checks are accepted. Cancellation must be done 72hrs prior to the trip for full reimbursement.